colt riflr

1964: auxiliary bolt
closure mechanism

ABOUTkemuri ☆ intj
they / she ☆ 19
日本語 / 한국어
comparative literature
and english major. resident yuumori twt translator and firearm expert.

INTERESTSliterature: dostoevsky, gogol, kafka, conan doyle, baudelaire, nietzsche, nabokov, edogawa, hugo, camus, and more.hobbies: guitar (electric!) violin and other strings. hunting + competitive shooting, climbing, mixed martial arts, writing, etc!games: hollow knight, omori, undertale / deltarune, celeste, little nightmares, etc!

glock (gags)

counteracting spring
control mechanism

cartridge feeding mechanism

1958: cartridge
feeding mechanism

MAIN MUSICclassical: bach, liszt, schubert, rachmaninoff, tchaikovsky.metal & rock: rammstein, tool, deftones, korn, nin, morbid, burzum, floyd, zeppelin, muse, mizer, the cure, mcr, etc.BYF!my dms are always open for anything :] if you're blocked it's probably because you make fyodor rat/shower/feet jokes lol.

MAINSyuumori: herder, william, sherlock, billy, sebastian, mycroft, everyone else.
bungou: fyodor, nikolai.
monster: johan, anna.
tr: haruchiyo, seishu, baji.

safety pin

1937: firing pin safety


1911: semi-automatic


AR15 caliber converter

ABOUTthe yuumori manga updates monthly on the 3rd or 4th (00:00 JST). i translate, clean and typeset by myself but i try to release my translations within ten hours of the chapter release.i encourage you to read from rion as well once they release their version of the chapter (around two weeks later.)